Tesla Model S Revealed

Tesla Model S Revealed

The electric car giant Tesla continues to renew the Model S luxury sedan car it has produced; since 2012 and offer it to the end users. Although we do not know what features the Tesla Model S will have in the coming months; a prototype of the car was displayed on the roads today.

Tesla briefly stopped the production of Model S and X cars, meanwhile a Tesla Model S was seen the roads. According to a video shared by a channel called “The Kilowatts” on YouTube, the prototype have a new design. The new Tesla was roaming near the Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto.

According to the video above, the car will have a brand new look. The vehicle will feature a wider body than previous versions; a new rear diffuser, chrome parts on many points, new headlights, and slightly widened wheels.

Although we know that the car we see was made by Tesla and was a model that has not been tampered with, there are still some uncertainties. It is unknown whether this prototype will be the new production Model S or a prototype of the Model S Plaid. It was announced that the company will release the Model S Plaid later this year.

Over the past months, there have been some reports that the company will renew the design of the Model S and Model X. This news came one step closer to being true, with Tesla announcing that the Model S Plaid would require “some important changes.” Therefore, the car above seems to be one more likely to be a Model S Plaid.