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The Car That Exceeds The Speed ​​Of Sound Bloodhound Is On Sale

The vehicle of the same name of the Bloodhound project, which aims to develop cars to reach the highest speed on the ground, is put on sale.
The Bloodhound project set out years ago with the aim of producing the highest speed vehicle on land. Resembling a jet plane without wings and called the Bloodhound, the speed of the vehicle approached 1000 kilometers per hour.

An opportunity has arisen for those who want to own this interesting and definitely fast vehicle. The vehicle that broke the record in the speed trial in the Kalahari Desert is now for sale. Although the amount required to own the vehicle is not disclosed, it is certain that it is quite high.

Target 1228 kilometers

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The engine on the vehicle is different from those in cars, a Eurojet engine is used. On top of the 9 tons of thrust provided by this jet engine, another 4-5 tons of thrust must be added. It is stated that the amount required for this is around 8 million pounds.

Speaking to BBC News, the current owner of the vehicle stated that the project has progressed as much as it can, but cannot invest more in the project. In fact, the project, which proceeded relatively smoothly, encountered serious problems due to difficulties in finding sponsors, and then adverse conditions caused by the pandemic.

The highest speed of the vehicle is at the level of 1010 km/h. Previously, there were only 7 different cars that could exceed the speed limit of 965 kilometers per hour. According to the data collected in recent reviews, Bloodhound can reach speeds of over 1280 kilometers per hour.

The last chance museum

If the vehicle cannot find investors, the place to go will be a museum; but the museum is seen as the last possibility. Moreover, the deal covers not only the vehicle; but the entire Grafton LSR, the firm trying to move the project forward.

There is no possibility of the vehicle breaking down. The project, which experienced a similar crisis in 2018; also managed to overcome the problems of that day and broke a record in 2019. Let’s see if the Bloodhound can really exceed 1280 kilometers per hour one day.

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