The Design of the 2021 Model iPad Pro Revealed

The Design of the 2021 Model iPad Pro Revealed

91Mobiles has reached the computer-drawn images of the 2021 model iPad Pro. The images served reveal the design of the tablet; which is expected to be announced towards the end of the year. This tablet is a first for Apple, and it is thought to have 5G support for the first time.

US-based technology giant Apple will appear with a new iPad Pro towards the end of 2021. Although it is a long process ahead of us, it is said that this tablet; which is shaking in the pool of claims, will have 5G connection support and will be powered by the A14 Bionic processor. However, a new development takes everything heard so far one step further. The images obtained by 91Mobiles reveal what the 2021 model iPad Pro will look like.

Slick design, modern look

91Mobiles says the footage in question was taken from a highly trusted source but preferred to remain anonymous. The images served reveal not the tablet itself, but the technical drawings. This reveals exactly what the upcoming iPad Pro will look like. So how will the 2021 iPad Pro look like?

In some of the claims made about the 2021 model iPad Pro, it was said that this tablet would have a 12.9-inch screen. The images obtained revealed that these claims were true. In addition, the leaked images reveal that this tablet will have almost the same design as the 2020 model iPad Pro. This means that the sharp-edged design language, launched by Apple in 2020, will also be used in 2021.

The details given by the images show that the dual camera setup will be on the left back corner of the iPad Pro 2021. In addition to the LED flash in this camera setup, the presence of the LIDAR sensor does not go unnoticed, suggesting that Apple can also put Touch ID on the power button. Because the button placed right next to the camera setup is a bit long.

According to the leaked images, the 2021 model iPad Pro will have a USB Type-C input. In addition, a speaker will be placed on both sides of this connection port, which will be located at the bottom of the tablet. However, the speaker setup will not be limited to this. Apple will also add speakers to the side frames of the 2021 iPad Pro. Thus, users will be offered an iPad experience with 4 speakers. New information about Apple‘s new tablet is expected to emerge in the next few months.