The Launch Date of Apple’s AR Set has been Announced

Known for working on AR (Augmented Reality) for a long time, Apple has finally come to the end of its work. Emerging reports showed that the company would introduce its first AR headset in 2022.

It has been known that Apple has been working on augmented reality for a long time. However, the latest information shows that this product is finally ready for the end consumer. According to the report by Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple aims to launch its first augmented reality (AR) set in the second quarter of 2022.

Kuo, who started to follow Apple‘s suppliers, closely followed one of them, Genius Electronic Optical. The famous analyst, who brings together his research about the company and the leaks from his sources; bases the release date here.

Another noteworthy detail in the report is that Apple wants to release the AR set in 2021. However, Apple, which had to postpone it due to the pandemic, postponed it to 2022. The claims, also supported by Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, make it more likely that we will see the first announcements in the next few months.

Part of the uncertainty about the release date is due to the fact that the platform is new. It is known that no matter how good the hardware is; the software side has more of an impact on the overall experience. Apple gives developers more time to prepare. Apple, which is expected to be one of the most expensive products of the company, plans to sell the AR set for about 3 thousand dollars.

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