The Most Downloaded Mobile Games of December 2020

The Most Downloaded Mobile Games of December 2020

The most downloaded mobile games worldwide were announced last month. 3 new names have been added to the top 10 downloaded mobile games. The most downloaded mobile game was the same as last month. Sensor Tower, which brings together the data it obtains in many areas every month and publishes it in a chart, today published the list of the most downloaded mobile games in December 2020. The list included rankings in the App Store and Google Play, as well as the most downloaded games in total.

According to the list shared by Sensor Tower, Call of Duty: Mobile was the most downloaded mobile game on the App Store over the past month. Among Us ranked second on the list, and three mobile games in the store made it into the top 10 for the first time. Among Us was the most downloaded mobile game on Google Play, and 4 games joined the top 10 for the first time. Let’s take a look at the most downloaded games together.

10. Tiles Hop

The game, developed by Amanotes, is a game where we make a ball jump by holding and dragging it. The game, which keeps up with the rhythm accompanied by the song we want, can provide you with fun moments.

9. Subway Surfers

I guess it is not necessary to explain what this game is. The game, where we run away from a police guy for 9 years, was among the most downloaded games this month.

8. Imposter Solo Kill

With Among Us‘s popularity, many Among Us-like games have been released in app stores. Imposter Solo Kill, one of these games, has the Among Us theme and characters, but it reflects this to you with its three-dimensional graphics. The game is one of the new names in the top 10.

7. Call of Duty: Mobile

The game, which came out as a fierce rival to mobile battle-royale games, managed to eliminate all its rivals except for a battle-royale game. The game ranked higher in the top 10 compared to last month.

6. Garena Free Fire

That battle-royale game that didn’t succumb to Call of Duty: Mobile was Garena Free Fire. However, the popular game has dropped in rankings this month.

5. Shortcut Run

Shortcut Run

The game, which is in the hyper-simple games category and published by VOODOO, has dropped in the rankings compared to last month.

4. Roof Rails

The game, another VOODOO game, managed to rank among the top 10 most downloaded games this month, making it 4th place.

3. Sushi Roll 3D

Another hyper-simple game we made sushi for, Sushi Roll 3D was ranked as the best among the new games that entered the list.

2. Join Clash 3D

Another game on the list that pointed out that hyper-simple games will hardly lose their popularity was Join Clash 3D. The game has seen an increase in the list compared to the previous month.

1. Among Us

The game, which suddenly gained incredible popularity, remained at the top of the list this month as well.