New Shoppers on Steam

New Shoppers on Steam

Steam, the world’s largest online game sales platform, announced the number of users who shop for the first time each month. Every month, an average of 2.6 million new users made their first purchase on the platform. Valve has published its 2020 review for the Steam platform. When we examine the platform’s data, we encounter very interesting results. It is also reflected in the statistics that people turn to games during the period they spend time at home, especially due to the pandemic.

According to the company’s statement, Steam has managed to sell games to 2.6 million people each month for the first time. The number of active users per month was announced as 120.4 million. It is not known whether these figures are monthly minimums or average. In Steam‘s blog post, it was noticed that the company broke other records. Among them are records such as 62.6 million daily active players, 24.8 million simultaneous active users, 31.3 billion hours of playtime.

Steam players turn to controllers

Another remarkable data stands out in the number of games sold. Gamers bought 21.4% more games in 2020 compared to the previous year. The time allocated to games also increased by 50.7% compared to the previous year. It has not been disclosed whether this time is the total game time or the average player game time. Virtual reality has also made great progress over the past year. In particular, with Half-Life: Alyx, VR sales increased by 71% over the previous year. 39% of the sales are from the sales of Half-Life: Alyx.

Another interesting data is that the players use the remote control. In 2020, the number of players who opted for a controller increased by 66.6%, reaching 1.68 billion. It is known that Steam recently offered support for PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers. In March, Steam made innovations that protect players from updates and downloads for people who shut down during the pandemic. Thus, it was possible for the players to spend more comfortable time at home.

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