The Release Date Of The New PlayStation VR Revealed

So, we shared with you that PlayStation 5, one of the new generation consoles that will appear towards the end of 2020, will bring a VR set. Now, information about the release date of the virtual reality headset; which will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 console, has been shared.

The new generation consoles, which appeared towards the end of 2020; have raised the bar several levels higher than normal with the new generation technologies they offer. The new generation console PlayStation 5, which Sony offers in this area, has received a lot of appreciation from users when we look at it today. Sony has made many innovations from controllers to headphones. Finally, the company shared its new virtual reality set with us. As a matter of fact, important information has been shared about the release date of the virtual reality headset; which is exclusive to PlayStation 5. Here are the details…

Expectations Towards the Release of PlayStation 5 VR Towards The End Of 2022

Certain games already on PlayStation 5 can be played with the previous generation PS VR device thanks to backward compatibility. However, players want to see a new virtual reality device that suits them; and will support different technologies in next-generation games, alongside a powerful new generation device.

According to the report shared in Bloomberg, Sony seems to introduce this device, which is also expected by a large number of people, in 2022. There is no information about the price of the new generation virtual reality headset yet though. While new games that will test the power of new generation consoles are on the way; will the virtual reality headset exclusive to PlayStation 5 help PlayStation take the lead in the console race of Sony and Microsoft?

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