The World’s Thinnest Gaming Laptop: MSI Stealth 15M

The World’s Thinnest Gaming Laptop: MSI Stealth 15M

Although today’s gaming laptops offer superior performance, unfortunately they have a negative side in general. These laptops are very thick and heavy due to the powerful hardware inside. Therefore, when you need to go out and take your laptop with you, you can have a hard time.

Today, we will see the MSI Stealth 15M produced for those who want a more portable and powerful laptop. MSI Stealth 15M, which has a 15.6 inch FullHD resolution IPS panel display, will provide you with good performance in competitive games with its 144 Hz screen refresh rate.

What makes the MSI Stealth 15M special is its thickness of only 15.95 millimeters. This makes it the world’s thinnest 15-inch gaming laptop. The laptop stands out with its 1.69 kilogram weight, which makes it a great advantage against today’s gaming computers. The monster of MSI also offers nice design features.

MSI Stealth 15M hosts a backlit RGB keyboard set that can be customized with MSI‘s own software. In addition to the Pure White color model, the Stealth 15M is also available in Carbon Gray. The laptop also increases durability with its aluminum frame.

Despite its lightweight and thin build, it houses Intel‘s 11th generation Core i7 processor with an integrated Iris Xe graphics card and up to 4.8 GHz and NVIDIA‘s 6GB GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card. Stealth 15M with 500 GB M.2 SSD storage is also advanced in performance with 16 GB LPDDR4 RAM.

MSI‘s slim, light and powerful gaming laptop MSI Stealth 15M has not been released yet. The laptop, which will be released in January, will also have a model with the GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card. You can find detailed features of MSI Stealth 15M from this link.