Trailer Released For Fisti-Fluffs

Trailer Released For Fisti-Fluffs

Cats get bored with no people around, and you know what that means? It’s time to fight. Your cat needs to prove “he’s the best cat”. Playfellow Studio released announcement trailer for Fisti-Fluffs.

Fisti-Fluffs is a cute and physics-based party game where you fight other cats and destroy environments in frenetic battles. You can also play alone of course, but it’s even better with friends. It’s time to get your claws out.


  • Physics-based, cat-fighting fun
  • Up to four players can fight in fun fights
  • Game modes: Tussle, Crown Control, Destruction, Party and Kibble Defense
  • With the Kibble Defense mode, you must prevent four people, mice and other creatures from stealing your kibble.
  • Fully destructible, fun, exciting, and colorful 6 stages to blast + additional, playable only in Kibble Defense, the largest and most comprehensive house stage.
  • Turn the game room into a weapon – slap objects to shoot through environments.
  • Create and customize with unique cat styles, hats, and outfits.
  • Take cute shareable screenshots using the built-in camera mode.

    watch Fisti-Fluffs trailer down below.

In addition, the release date of the game will be in early 2021. Type of game; Action, Arcade, Fighting, Party, Indie. The developer company is Playfellow Studio and the publisher is Rogue Games. Also, game file size; It is 1.0 GB. Supported Languages; French, German, Dutch, Russian, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese. Finally, click to read more game news.