Twitch Will Block “N Word” Users

Twitch Will Block “N Word” Users

Twitch, owned by Amazon, announced the new measures it took regarding racist rhetoric on its platform. Accordingly, using the “Confederate Flag” and “black face” on the site will be a reason to be blocked. Popular streaming platform Twitch changed its defamation policy. Although the main focus of this policy, which will be implemented as of January 22, is sexual harassment; it will also include racist slanders and statements.

Twitch stated on its official Twitter account that they would not tolerate the word “N-word“. It was also stated that the situation is the same for different pronunciations of this word. It was stated that this rule also applies to the chat part on Twitch and these people will also be blocked automatically. Before its decision on the N word, the platform also banned the use of the word “simp“; which is usually said to people who will take any action to get what they expect from the opposite sex. This decision taken by the platform caused various discussions among users.

Twitch’s Verbal Abuse Measures

Twitch Announces That Those Using the Racist "N Word" Will Be Blocked

Some users claimed that the negative connotation of this word has now disappeared and is now only used as a joke, but Twitch did not pay much attention to these comments from its users. The banning of the N word was not the only thing Twitch took precautions regarding racist speech. Similarly, it was stated that those who use other racist discourses will also be prevented. In addition, it was stated that the use of the “Confederate Flag” and the use of “black faces“, which were combined with racism in the USA, were also the reasons for preventing.

The new rules brought by Twitch will take effect as of January 22, 2020. The platform will organize a “Creator Camp” on January 20 to convey its new policies more clearly and to answer questions. Dont forget to check our other news here as well.

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