Twitter Bought Squad App

Twitter Bought Squad App

Twitter bought Squad, an app that lets you hang out with your friends via video chat and screen-sharing. Twitter continues to evolve, progress, and grow.

The app, one of the important platforms of social media, announced in its statement that they purchased Squad; where users share their screens with each other. However, upon agreement, Squad application will close and the team behind the application will join Twitter.

Twitter announced in its statement that they bought a new application, Squad. The application called Squad, purchased by the company, allowed its users to simultaneously share their screens on mobile or desktop and make video calls.

Twitter Bought Squad

With the incorporation of Squad into Twitter, it was also announced how developments will be observed over. Accordingly, Squad’s Co-founders, CEO Esther Crawford, CTO Ethan Suting, and the rest of the team will start appearing in Twitter’s design, engineering, and product divisions.

Even though Twitter has purchased Squad, the Squad application will not be included in Twitter per se. On the contrary, the application will be completely closed to use as of today. Any details regarding the agreement made were not shared from either side yet. It was however, shared on Twitter by CEO Crawford instead of the Squad team on Twitter.

According to Esther Crawford’s post; “Squad joined Twitter to expand the range of conversations people can have on the platform. We want to create new units that allow for fun, meaningful and engaging conversations, and we look forward to that with excitement“.

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