Twitter Will Remove Verification Badge For Inactive Accounts

Twitter Will Remove Verification Badge For Inactive Accounts

Popular social media platform Twitter will roll out its new verified account policy as of next year. Accordingly, the badge of verified accounts that are not active will be removed. In fact, Twitter has announced that it will re-use the revised verification policy as of January 20, 2020, with an announcement it made recently. Twitter suspended its old account verification program about three years ago.

From the first month of next year, users will be able to apply for a verified account badge. These blue tics; An indication that large corporations, government agencies, or celebrities have real accounts and this is verified by Twitter. Therefore, users can be sure that a real account shared the tweet, not a fake one.

Badges of inactive accounts will be removed

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According to Twitter‘s revised account verification policy, badges for inactive accounts will be removed. In addition, the badges of accounts that do not fully meet the new requirements will be removed by the company. These new policies of the company will be effective from January 20, 2021.

The old verification program, which the company suspended about 3 years ago, will not be reopened on January 20. The categories of companies for which Twitter will issue a verified account badge are media outlets, journalists, brands, government officials and sports. In addition, categories such as activists and organizers will be among the accounts that can receive the blue tick badge, and these categories will continue to expand over time.