Ultimate Superman Mod for GTAV

Ultimate Superman Mod for GTAV

GTA V continues to be developed with mod support. This time the Ultimate Superman mod is released. Mod maker JulioNib released the mod named Ultimate Superman; which he has been working on for a while, for GTA V users. Containing many features compared to other Superhero mods, this mod gives players the chance to become Superman.

The mod is actually a much more advanced version of the Superman mod that the same JulioNib has previously released. Many features of Superman, one of the most popular heroes of the DC universe, have been transferred to the game. In the mod, besides melee, combo attacks, and grabbing and throwing the enemy, various super powers are also available.

When we look at these movements, we see that many abilities are available with this mod. Such as super-speed, super-strength, laser attack, splitting the enemy with laser, removing their hearts or heads; super breath, and freezing breath.

When we take a look at the video, we see that various super moves, along with combos and finishers is present. In addition, the mod maker has adapted a weapon selection style selection screen for special abilities. You can access the GTA V Superman mod page by clicking here.

GTA V fans continue to enjoy the newly released mods. Mod developers continue to add popular characters to the game by developing new mods. Finally, Click here to read more gaming and tech news.