Useful Update From Google Files

As always, Google has released an update focused on the needs of their users. Google Files is Google’s mobile file navigation app. As a matter of fact, the feature coming to Files will help a lot in clearing its data on the smartphones. Thanks to this feature, all the backed up media will also be automatically deleted after staying on the device for a certain period of time.

Smartphone users know that the biggest problem is the storage space issues. Also keeping the storage clean is one of those issues. Having to constantly clean up unnecessary photos, documents, and accumulated app data is tiring process for users.

There are loads of apps on the internet to solve this problem. However, Google’s new application eliminates the need for these external applications. Google has added a smart cleaning option to its file scanning app Files. This application allows users to clean their phones with one click without the need for an additional application.

A Completely Clean Storage Space


The new update brought a practical feature called ‘Smart Storage‘ to the application. Thanks to this feature, users can now delete large media files and unnecessary files with only one click.

The factors that the app considers when selecting junk files also seem quite logical. If turn on the Smart Storage setting on your phone, this application automatically deletes the media that has been on the device for 60 days and has been backed up to Google Photos.

Ahmet Uğur
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