User Voted ‘Steam Awards’ Has Started

User Voted ‘Steam Awards’ Has Started

Steam announced the Steam Awards with 10 different categories to determine the best games with the votes of users on the platform. You can vote for the games you love and remember that the winners will be announced on January 3rd. Steam‘s Autumn Sale started yesterday evening and will continue until December 1 at 21:00. During the voting process, which started with the Autumn Sale and continue until the end of the Sale, the games will be awarded in 10 different categories. You can determine your best at the Steam Awards where you can vote all the games coming to Steam this year.

Regarding the awards to be announced early next year, Steam said, “It is time for the Steam Awards Selection Committee, tasked with determining the best of the year, to meet again. You are a very competent jury in this venerable committee! You should determine the games that take the video games to the next level according to the criteria that are as original as the areas in which the fighters are involved. For this purpose, we have brought several new categories that you can measure for the good of these games. The choice is yours, start nominating your favorites now!

The ‘Steam Awards’ Where Steam Users Can Vote Has Begun

Steam has set a 4-mission system for each player to participate in the Steam Awards. You can earn badges by completing these tasks. Also, the level of the badge increases with each mission and you earn 25 XP per level.

Steam Awards Nominees

Game of the Year Award
Best VR Game of the Year Award
Lovingly Continuing Award
Better With Friends Award
Outstanding Visual Style Award
Most Innovative Gameplay Award
The Best Game You Played Badly Award
Best Album Award
Story-Rich Game Award
Sit Back and Relax Award