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Valheim Sold Over 3 Million

Earlier this month, the game world met a brand new game. This game very little about, was Valheim. It suddenly managed to become one of the most popular of all. Despite being released as an early access game on Steam, Valheim was acquired by 1 million players in just one week.

Valheim, which marked the boring and repetitive state of the game world today, has achieved a brand new success today. The game managed to leave three million sales behind. This good news was shared by the developer of the game Iron Gate as an announcement on Steam.

Valheim is the New Success of the Game World:

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In the announcement, which announced three million sales, Iron Gate also featured other achievements of the game in their own right. The developer company said that they received more than 60 thousand “Extremely Positive” reviews on Steam, ranked 78th on Steam’s list of the best-reviewed games, and the most popular published on Twitch by beating CS: GO, Dota 2, Minecraft, and Rust. He announced that they are the Valheim and are currently played and watched for over 20 million hours.

Valheim Sold Over 3 Million

However, Iron Gate also thanked the audience for themselves and what they did for the game. The developer company stated that they saw the designs, stories, and music from the actors. Finally, the company ended its words by thanking all the players who have joined them so far.

Published only on the PC platform, Valheim does not have a multiplayer structure but allows players to play in the same world with their friends. Inspired by the Viking culture, you explore a huge world, try to survive, fight and make your own settlement. Valheim did not even attract the attention of many players, especially because of its graphics. But hundreds of thousands of players who were not fooled by the graphics and gave the game a chance lost themselves in the game. You can buy Valheim on Steam, which requires low system requirements and extremely little storage space. Also, don’t forget to check our other news here.

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