Valve’s Website Crashed

Steam Deck, which was pre-ordered as of July 16, attracted great attention from the players. So much so that users who wanted to log in to the site to pre-order the product; or who tried to log in and make a payment encountered all kinds of errors due to the system’s inability to meet the demand.

Valve announced the new handheld game console, the Steam Deck, this week. The interest in the console has been so high that Valve‘s servers have been suddenly overloaded since it was pre-ordered yesterday (July 16) Users encountered a bunch of annoying errors during the checkout process .

Valve's Website Crashed

Errors include generic and non-explanatory phrases such as “ Something Gone Wrong ”, while clicking the Buy button says “It looks like you’ve been trying to make too many purchases for the past few hours. Please wait a moment before trying again . Errors such as ” were also seen.

Some users are blocked from accessing the site

Some people couldn’t even get to the payment page; and saw the message on the product’s website that the servers were busy. The servers also blocked unused or new accounts from accessing the site; the purpose here was probably to serve real users.

Valve's Website Crashed

Of course, after this defeat, users naturally rushed to Twitter and expressed strange errors that prevented them from logging in. As you can appreciate, interesting ‘memes‘ emerged.

Steam Deck, which attracts great attention, is offered for sale for $ 399 with 64GB, 256GB and 512GB storage options , but it is possible to book for $5 . The consoles of customers who have made reservations will also be shipped in December; just around the time of the Christmas holiday.

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