Verstappen to Start Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on First Pocket

Verstappen to Start Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on First Pocket

The qualifying rounds for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix; the last race of the season in Formula 1, have been completed. Max Verstappen, who qualified to start the race in the first pocket, became the first pilot to achieve this success without using a Mercedes engine after years.

The 2019-2020 season is very eventful and exciting in Formula 1. The organization, which was suspended for a while due to the pandemic and then added many new tracks to its structure, is now at an end. Qualifying rounds have been completed for the Abu Dhabi GP, the last race of the season.

Red Bull Honda‘s Dutch driver Max Verstappen was the fastest driver in the qualifying rounds. Thus, the engine of the vehicle, which is in the pocket for the first time since the age of turbo engines, is not Mercedes production.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Verstappen will start on the first pocket at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the last race of this year.

Sergio Perez, will start the race from the last among the pilots remaining in the second session; because the power unit of his vehicle was changed. What kind of impact this will have for Racing Point is already being discussed.

Mercedes for the Win

Except for this event, the qualifying rounds started pretty standard. We saw the Williams knocked out once again in the first rounds. The Haas team and Alfa Romeo driver Kimi Raikkonen once again did not go beyond qualifier.

Mercedes pilots Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton were just behind Max Verstappen, who took first place in the qualifying rounds. Hamilton was behind his teammate for the 5th time this year.

Mercedes, undisputedly the most dominant team in recently, became the champion for the seventh time in a row this year. Preparing a special coating for the last race of the season, the German team wrote the names of everyone who contributed to the championship on the car.