Exposure to Violent Games at a Young Age do Not Lead to Aggression in the Following Years

Exposure to Violent Games at a Young Age do Not Lead to Aggression in the Following Years

A scientific study published in a journal called Cyberpsychology revealed that the enigma; that violent games have an effect on the character is wrong. According to the statements in the magazine that published the results of a 10-year study; violent games do not turn people into aggressive characters. At least no evidence has been found that such a thing ever existed. The first product that comes to mind when we talk about violent games is; probably the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series. Every player has encountered this game at some point in his life and found himself in a completely different world. The title of the research is “Growing with Grand Theft Auto“. In other words, experts set out on this game and conducted 10-year research.

There was no evidence of the effects of games on personality.

The experts who carried out the research carried out a person-oriented study. Using technology and using various algorithms within the scope of the research, the researchers made analyzes of variables thanks to these algorithms. With the studies carried out by the experts working at Common Sense Media, it has been concluded that one more perception is actually wrong.

The researchers have also expanded the details of their 10-year research. In this context, the experts who also separated the participants according to their personal characteristics; ensured that the people in the same group were evaluated in the same way. For example, one group included children from families living in nearby locations with high purchasing power; while another group included children of Caucasian origin.

Violent Games at a Young Age do Not Lead to Aggression in the Following Years

We have just mentioned that researchers combine algorithms with different variables. In this context, some variables were determined as follows; aggression, depressed mood, anti-social, and anxiety symptoms. As a result of the analysis made with all these variables; no connection between children who played violently in their childhood had and aggressive nature, is present according to the study. They, however, didn’t announce the number of the participants of the study. However, even if it has been done with a limited audience; the fact that such a detailed study has been conducted may calm down the parents of children who play violent games.