Voice Call Feature Coming To Telegram

Voice Call Feature Coming To Telegram

Voice call feature is coming in Telegram groups for Android. They started testing voice call on Android. With the new feature, you can chat with members of the group or just join as a listener.

In April, Telegram reached more than 400 million monthly users. Video call plans for the groups had been announced by the end of the year. While we haven’t yet found any evidence of video calling for groups, it has now begun testing voice calling on Android.

How to make a voice call in Telegram groups?

Telegram added experimental support for group voice calling with Telegram beta version 7.3.0. You can set up a group to access the feature and tap the group title to expand the menu. You can now see the list of group members, notification settings, and group renaming properties. Tap the three dots (vertical three dots) icon in the top right corner of this page and you can select Start Voice Chat.