Warzone Players Want A Character Overlay Removed From The Game

Warzone Players Want A Character Overlay Removed From The Game

Warzone, one of the most popular online games of today, has recently received criticism from gamers for its character overlay. Players are demanding that a character overlay be removed from the game that they claim provides a huge advantage. Call of Duty: Warzone has managed to maintain its popularity since its release. The game, which has new content with each update, has finally started hosting Black Ops: Cold War weapons. However, the game, as in every online game, causes controversy about injustice from various angles.

The One Who Stays in The Dark Wins The Game

The issue that Warzone players complained about lately is a character overlay in the game. This is the first time players have complained about a character overlay, the skin released for the Roze operator that makes the character completely black. This coating of Roze could cause players to not notice Roze at all at some points. The biggest example of this was this video shared by a Reddit user.

Players with skins, such as the user sharing the video, can even destroy an entire team from time to time if they lie in dark corners. Of course, the fact that the coating was sold for money brought the accusations with it. Some Warzone players stated that the fee for Rose‘s skin indicates that some sort of “pay-to-win” method is being applied to the game. These accusations were leveled with the Mac-10 draft previously added to the game, and the developer team made adjustments to the draft within a few days.

So what do the players want from the developer team this time? Some Warzone players are demanding that Rose‘s skin be completely removed from the game. On the other hand, some players argue that colored accessories should be added to the coating or the coating should be redesigned with a shiny material. The developers of Call of Duty: Warzone have not remained largely silent to gamers’ complaints so far. The developer team made improvements that managed to clear most of the complaints in a short time. Probably, this coating will cease to be a topic of discussion in a short time.