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Watch Dogs Legion Online Release Date Announced

Multiplayer modes are finally here for Watch Dogs Legion. The game released on PC and previous generation consoles along with the new generation consoles last year. Ubisoft, Watch Dogs: Legion‘s online mode on March 9; Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, and Windows PC, Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store, announced that the game will release to all owners via a free update.

Will be Released on March 9

Watch Dogs Legion Online Release Date Announced

Watch Dogs: Legion‘s online mode will include the following features as part of the free update on March 9:

  • A free-roaming coop open world where players can team up with friends of up to four players, explore the city of London, complete challenging missions and participate in side events.
  • New co-op missions with two to four players using new co-op gameplay mechanics and giving players the opportunity to fight against London’s threats in the city’s most iconic locations by choosing the perfect team.
  • The first four-player cooperative Operation Tactical “Leader of the Pack” that requires teamwork and efficiency. It consists of five interconnected story missions with endgame content, tailored for players looking for a challenging quest. Players will need to strategize and communicate effectively with their teammates, develop their devices, and build a strong cast of characters.
  • The first “Player vs. Player” (PvP) mode is the Spiderbot Arena, where four players control armed spider robots, in a thrilling, all-alone deathmatch.
  • By completing any online event, players will earn XP to increase their rankings and unlock various rewards such as special cosmetic items, and earn impact points for recruiting new operators or upgrading DedSec devices.
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Season Pass holders will also have access to two unique single player missions on March 9:

Guardian Protocol: DedSec pursues an algorithm that allows artificial intelligence to influence human decisions. If they can’t find it, this algorithm can be used to turn armed drones into autonomous executioners.

Not in Our Name: A secret group is using DedSec‘s name. Even worse, a ruthless tabloid steals information so that their employers can use them to blackmail their victims.

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