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Web Camera That Can Follow the User Like a Real Eye:Eyecam

A designer named Marc Teyssier managed to attract the attention of many people with his project called Eyecam. In his project called Eyecam, Marc Teyssier created a user-tracking webcam that looks just like a real eye. Moreover, anyone who wishes can make their own Eyecam.

Webcams have become more important than ever in our lives. Especially due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has started to be used almost everywhere from education to business life. However, since the first years of their creation, they have been controversial because of the “monitoring” issue. This has become a big question mark for some users. Now, a designer named Marc Teyssier has designed a webcam called “Eyecam” that is truly terrifying enough to enter your dreams.

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Eyecam is a design created by the combination of silicone face designs and computer technology. This design is an open source project. In other words, anyone who wishes can make an Eyecam after having the parts they need. So what makes this webcam spooky?

An Open Source Project

Eyecam is a product designed to follow the movements of the human eye. Using a face and eye model made of silicone for this, Teyssier animates this eye with the Arduino Nano. In other words, if a normal person’s eye can move up and down left and right, the motors used with the Arduino Nano also offer Eyecam the same ability. Also, like humans, Eyecam also plays eyebrows and eyelashes.

The device can be connected to the computer with the Raspberry Pi. I must clearly say that if we ignore Eyecam‘s design, it is no different from other products on the market. So if you do the necessary coding and make the connections correctly, you can have a webcam that follows you.

I am sure you want to have more detailed information about the Eyecam project and of course reach the codes of the project. Click on the link here and create your own Eyecam!

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