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Companies with the world’s most used browsers will finally collaborate. Thanks to this group called WECG, browsers will now use a common plug-in type, giving plug-in developers peace of mind.

The hardest part of switching from one browser to another is moving the add-ons from your old browser to the new one. Sometimes that plugin doesn’t exist, sometimes it doesn’t work. You can run them with some 3rd party software, but you have to tolerate bugs.

The internet’s biggest browser giants have come together to solve this problem. Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla have started working to create a common web plugin system. Called the WebExtensions Community Group, or WECG for short, this community is promising.

What are WECG’s plans?

The WECG plugin aims to make it fast, secure and convenient to use on all internet browsers. Since most browsers are based on Chromium, while running Google Chrome extensions, these extensions need to be rewritten for Safari and Mozilla, or plug-ins that can run them must be produced. According to the statement made on the W3 site, this community currently includes Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla. However, they have stated that their doors are open to all browsers, add-on developers and relevant people.

This community actually has two purposes. The first of these is to prepare add-ons more easily and run these add-ons effortlessly in all browsers. The second goal is to define the common contours of browsers and make all browsers faster, safer and more resistant to malicious use.

WECG made a detailed statement on this subject and prepared the statute on Github. The new WECG says anyone who agrees to these terms can join the community and make the internet a better place. You can also access the prepared bylaws here.

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