What Is LIDAR? What Does LIDAR Sensor Do In iPhone 12 Pro Max?

What Is LIDAR? What Does LIDAR Sensor Do In iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Recently, the tech giant Apple introduced its highly anticipated new smartphones during an event organized under the name of (Hi, Speed). Apple, which brought the iPhone 12 family together in two separate segments, first introduced the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12, followed by the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max as their upper segment. As in the previous years, Apple used the word (Pro) in their upper segment phones, and the LIDAR sensor, which is included in the rear camera by making a significant difference, attracted great attention.

The location and size of the LiDAR sensor can be seen in this picture published by Apple.

So what is this LiDAR and what is it for?

The LiDAR sensor appeared for the first time in iPad Pro 2020, which was also introduced recently. LiDAR, having the ability to detect the environment and objects, calculates the distance of a device to any object and model it in 3D in the phone’s memory with blinding speed since its sensors are laser-based. In short, we can call it 3-dimensional laser recognition feature. LiDAR sensors can make a 3D digital copy of a home and allow you to do any kinds of alterations for your digital copied home. However, one of the biggest features is that it provides 6 times faster focusing time in low light scenes for both video and photo sessions.

This video is from the ‘Hi, Speed’ event organized by Apple.

The fact that such a technology that is suitable for development is gradually taking place in tablets and smart phones is an indication that important steps are taken for end users. As technology develops, the areas where this system can be used will continue to increase as well.