WhatsApp’s Design Is Changing

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging applications all around the world. This app has made minor design changes in the iOS app. Based on the shared screenshots of the new design, you can see how the chat bubbles will change according to their current state.

WhatsApp has come to the fore with the subject of ‘personal data‘, which has been the subject of great debate in the world recently, or with the innovations it will bring to its application. Today, they came up with an innovation in the field of design again.

There is not much radical change in the new design, but it is worth saying that it looks very stylish. This new update will come to WhatsApp’s iOS app. In addition, the color, style and size of the chat bubbles will be subject to change.

Old Chat bubbles and New chat bubbles:

In the image where we can see the current state of the chat bubbles, we can see that they have more rounded edges. In addition, small changes were made in the colors of the bubbles, which were designed to be slightly larger.

There is no information on when the update, which will focus on chat bubbles, will arrive. However, the fact that radical changes have not been made may indicate that we will not wait too long.

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