World’s First Assisted In-Vehicle Wireless Charger by MagSafe: HaloLock

World’s First Assisted In-Vehicle Wireless Charger by MagSafe: HaloLock

A technology company named ESR announced the world’s first MagSafe compatible in-car wireless charger. This device, called “HaloLock“, both charges the iPhone 12 and can also be used as a phone holder for your vehicle.

Technology giant Apple has announced a new wireless charging technology called MagSafe with the iPhone 12 family. It seems like other technology companies have also started working on products compatible with this technology. A technology company named ESR has completed its design and announced the wireless charger for the vehicles, called “HaloLock“. This product is the first MagSafe compatible in-vehicle wireless charger in the world.

For iPhone 12, some products manufactured by ESR company.

HaloLock will allow iPhone 12 owners to safely charge their phones. Moreover, consumers will be able to use this product as a phone holder in their vehicles. ESR CEO Tim Wu states that they started working as soon as they became aware of Apple’s MagSafe technology and developed HaloLock, thus providing an innovative service to consumers.

According to the statements made by ESR, consumers who want to have a MagSafe-supported in-car wireless charger need to pay $ 39.99. The product, which comes only in black color choice, can be accessed on the official website of ESR.