Xiaomi Announces Its Own Electric Car

CEO Lei Jun spoke at Xiaomi Investor Day events. Jun revealed when the company’s electric car project will go live. According to this statement, Xiaomi will start mass production of its car in the first half of 2024. The company will carry out the production of the vehicles in Beijing.

Chinese technology company Xiaomi has become famous in the world in recent years. Xiaomi has been working on a new project for a while. According to the previous statements and information obtained, Xiaomi will produce a car with a completely electric motor in the coming periods. The company has now made a very striking statement regarding this project.


Xiaomi’s statements about the automobile project came from CEO Lei Jun. CEO Lei Jun took the microphone at Investor Day and made some statements. In this statement, he said that he will move a little faster for this car project. According to the statements made by the CEO, the company will officially start mass production of its electric motor car in the first half of 2024.

The Location of the Factory

In the statements, it was also stated where the company’s cars will be produced. So, according to the CEO of the company; the production factory of Xiaomi Automobile will be located in a town called “Yizhuangzhen” in Beijing. Their sources state that the number of factories will increase over the years.

That’s all for now about Xiaomi’s car project. The company did not make any statements about the car. However, industry sources predict that the company will primarily produce budget-friendly vehicles.

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