You May Earn Money on Twitter in the Near Future

A feature that delights users has emerged in the popular social media platform Twitter. With this new feature, users will be able to earn money on Twitter. So, what are the details of this feature that comes to twitter?

It turned out that Twitter is working on a new feature, and with this feature, users will be able to create a “tip box” for themselves. Thus, other Twitter users will be able to financially support the users if they like the shares by the users. Until now, the social platform has never offered any kind of feature that would enable its users to earn money. It seems that this situation may change thanks to the feature coming to twitter; one of the most popular social media platform in the world.

The Person Who Discovered This New Feature: Jane Manchun Wong

Jane Manchun Wong reveals the innovations that will come with the reverse engineering processes she applies to social networking applications. Wong has managed to discover an upcoming feature of Twitter. According to the discovery, Twitter will allow users to create a “tip box” in the near future. In this way, its followers will be able to tip to support the user.

The feature discovered by Wong reveals that a new button will appear on their profile pages on Twitter. There will be a money icon on the button and users who click this button will be able to donate to the Twitter user they follow. Users can donate with different payment methods. Currently identified donation tools include Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal and Venmo. The company has also been working on a paid subscription system called Superfollow for a while. The company has also been trying to bring a tip box feature to Twitter‘s Clubhouse-like feature Twitter Spaces with a paid subscription system called Superfollow for a while.

You May Earn Money on Twitter in the Near Future

An official statement has not been made about this feature discovered by Jane Manchun Wong. Naturally, it is not known when this feature will be available to users. In addition, it is not known what conditions must be met in order to use this feature. However, the feature is almost ready, according to Wong. So users may start using this feature in the near future. Stay tuned to be informed about the developments. You can also find our other current news here.

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