YouTube Announces Game Category 2020 Statistics

YouTube Announces Game Category 2020 Statistics

YouTube, one of the platforms that experienced increased traffic in 2020, when people were mostly at home, announced the statistics for the year 2020 in the game category. Accordingly, the content under the game category was watched for 100 billion hours. The year 2020, which we have left behind, has been very difficult for many people and many sectors around the world. In many countries, people had to stay home due to the coronavirus epidemic. Of course, the fact that most of the world is closed in their homes has some kind of a silverlining.

Reached 100 Billion Hours of Views

People at home turned to games and YouTube. Steam has broken records in the number of simultaneous players many times this year. A similar increment seems to have been experienced in YouTube‘s user traffic. It seems that this has also been reflected in watching videos in the YouTube game category. YouTube announced the statistics for the game category in 2020 in the video it published. Accordingly, the videos in the YouTube game category reached 100 billion hours of viewing. In addition, there were reflections not only on watching but also on the number of subscribers of YouTube content producers.

According to the shared video, more than 80 thousand content producers who produced content under the YouTube game category managed to exceed 100 thousand subscribers. In addition, more than 1000 channels managed to reach 5 million subscribers and more than 350 channels reached 10 million subscribers. Pretty impressive numbers. YouTube also announced the most watched games during 2020. The most watched games on YouTube in 2020 were:

Fortnite: 67 billion views
GTA V: 70 billion views
Garena Free Fire: 72 billion views
Roblox: 75 billion views
Minecraft: 201 billion views

When we look at the number of views, we have seen once again how big GTA V and Minecraft still are, even after years. YouTube also announced the games watched live. Although there are no view numbers here, the most watched games are as follows:

Garena Free Fire
PUBG Mobile

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