YouTube PWA Released for Computers

YouTube PWA Released for Computers

Google has turned the video sharing platform YouTube into PWA. In this way, YouTube was downloaded as an application to computers. Installing YouTube on your computer is very simple.

Today, various large websites or services do not greet their users; who access them through their internet browsers with a normal site. These sites, which fall into the Progressive Web Apps (PWA) category; work like an application installed on your phone, unlike normal sites. Another advantage of this system; which is used by Spotify, Pinterest, Twitter and many other giants today , is that it enables offline use.

Google has focused on this offline usage opportunity offered by PWAs in its Chrome browser in recent weeks . The company asked developers to make PWAs available offline in late December. It was announced that PWAs that cannot offer an offline experience even if it is simple, will be deprived of the option to install the application in Chrome .

YouTube has also become available for download as PWA:

Recently, we witnessed Google improving the PWAs of its services. The company also made the Photos application available for download as PWA. Today, some users who visited YouTube through the Google Chrome browser have seen YouTube’s PWA being released.

Internet users who saw YouTube’s PWA notification began to wonder about one thing, naturally, due to the features offered by PWA: Will YouTube start offering offline video streaming services, just like its mobile app ? There is no official statement yet on this topic, but we can say that PWA will make such a thing possible .

How can you install YouTube on your computer?

It is quite easy to install YouTube as PWA on your computer. First, go to YouTube and press the “+” sign that appears on the far right of your browser’s address bar . When you click this sign, you will see a window that says “Install application?” Clicking “Install” in the window will add the shortcut of the YouTube application to the desktop. In this way, you will be able to use YouTube not from your browser, but from its own application as on the phone .